Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About ITSS

Q. What is ITSS, NGO and what type its Govt. Registered?
A. Integrated Tribal Shining Society, by short name is ITSS-NGO, which established on 22 March 2009 and Regd. on 22 Jun 2010 under Society Act. XXI 0f 1860, Govt. of Assam,Regd.No.RS/SPR/242/D/26/2010-11.
Q. Is ITSS a Compnay or any Pvt. Ltd.?
A. No, ITSS is not Compnay or Pvt. Ltd. ITSS-NGO is non Profit Making Organisation (NPO) as Social Volunteers Organisation as well as a Society.
Q. What type of Financial Assistance to Public?
A.We, ITSS-NGO do not provide any Micro Finance such a JLG or SHG or any person as Financial Institute, but, we are always support and helping such Self Help Group (JLG) or Joint Liability Group (JLG) on their capacity building and Rural Banking linkage System with Bank.
Q. Are your server's Fincail Assistance to poor people or students?
A. Yes, as possible we always try to assist to poor needy people or students under Central Grant-In-Aid or under Sponsored Scheme.
Q. Do we allow to join any Membership with us?
A. Yes, we allow any Membership, but according to He / She has attained the age of eighteen years. Promises to abide by the rules and bye-laws and all the decisions taken by the association in respect of the amendments of the rules and bye-laws. iii) Subscribed in writing to carry out to the best of his / her capacity the objects of the association.
Q. Is any Fees to join with us with monthly or yearly plan?
A. Yes, Liftime Membership should be pay of Rs.1500.00 and Yearly Membership should pay of Rs.500.00 in account of Society.
Q. What is the benefit from the Society as Membership?
A. Every Membership/Member should be benefited from Society the any Skilled Mechanism Training from time to time for Free and Assist any kind of needy.
Q. Can we support any Poltical Party?
A. No, we can not support any Political Party. ITSS,NGO is a Non-Political.
Q. Can we provides loan or any finance?
A. No, We can't provides any finance.
Q. How many should be tax benefited from Donation to Cause or for needy?
A. Yes, you can Donate us for needy people under 80G* rules of Income Tax system, where you can get 50% tax rebate (Tax deduction) from your Total Donation Amount.
Q. Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?
A. No
Q. Do we offer Free Training to unemployment youth?
A. Yes, we provide free training time to time under Scheme.
Q. What is the source of Income of the Society (ITSS)?
A. ITSS, our source are almost Subscription, Donation etc, We have been collected from membership subscription /fees, donation from members /well wishers, grants from any Central Govt. and State Govt. or any organization as well as from our own resources as products/goods production.

Our Aim and Objective are:

  • To organize the people of the area fewer than one roof and thereby try to work together for development of the area in all respect.
  • To look after for development of all roads, land, bye-land, supply of pure drinking water, proper electrification etc. in the rural or urban area.
  • To try education of illiteracy form amongst the people of area by establishing pre-primary, adult education, Computer and condensed course of education centre in the area form time to time.
  • To organize free medical camps for the people living below poverty line in the remote villages where medical facilities are not easily available.
  • To work even for the National or International Community, in this regards we fill it necessary to apply for FCRA Certificate in future.
  • To organize free treatment camp in the area from time to time and to organize awareness amp on AIDS, Hepatitis-B, Cancer, HIV, T.B. etc. with from such type of diseases with the help of Govt. and experienced personals.
  • To organize various games & sports, cultural and literacy competitions in the area amongst the locality and thereby try to encourage then in these fields.
  • To develop awareness among the people of Assam to protect wild life and thereby maintain a balance between development and nature.
  • To develop social forestry due to present pollution and de-forestation problems.
  • To undertake various social welfare works with the help of students of the area with a view to keeping the area neat, clean and pollution free one.
  • Providing economical assistant for the members, for there better economical development.
  • To help people of Assam by offering training programmes on Handicraft, Agriculture, Livestock Farming, Fishery etc.
  • To make the area pollution free by undertaking tree plantation and other pollution control measures from time to time.
  • To support flood/ cyclone and other natural calamities that affect both human population and the wild life of the state.
  • Misson and Vissoin

    Integrated Tribal Development (Backward) with S.C. Communication & Eradication of Rural Poverty from Country.

    "To work with people and their communities as partner bring change & New Generation standard living among the society with attitude."
    "Joining hands with other Partnership System in various Development Scheme under the process to promote and achieve equality, justice and peace for all the society".